I opened a blog!

Hi, i’m Gracie, i’ve wanted to start a blog for so long now but never had the courage, but finally, here I am! I’ve been sat here for a while wondering how to start, and I think the best way is to just tell you a bit about me:)

I live in a small village in England and I dont have the most exciting life, but i’m happy. I really wanted to start a blog to make some friends, share my experiences, memories, advice, stories and life with you. I’m completely new to this so I’m sorry if I’m no good, but i’m sure i’ll get better.

The most important thing you should know about me is that i LOVE food, any kind from anywhere i’ll eat it (apart from Keish). I also am obsessed with cats especially my own.

image1 (6)
Lyra (AKA Baby)

On this blog i’m basically going to talk about what happens in my day to day life and share everything with you. Make sure to leave me a comment if you want me to post about anything in particular:)


I’m not sure how often i’ll post just yet, i’m quite busy with exams at the moment, but enough about me. Got any tips for starting a blog? Let me know below, i’m gunna need them…

Talk to you soon, Gracie.


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