What should I do!?

So, I’ve just finished school and I’m waiting patiently for my exam results, which means I have lots of spare time because I only start college in a few weeks. I figured that I should get a hobby, and I came up with an idea to start streaming on Twitch! If you don’t know what Twitch is, it’s basically where you record yourself playing video games live (aka streaming) and people can come and watch and talk to you and each other about it. I’ve always had a passion for gaming and hope one day to become a game designer for a huge company:) I’d love to get into steaming right away but I don’t have the fancy computer or confidence to do so, I am going laptop shopping tonight so I could pick up a webcam while I’m there… Still streaming on Twitch could be so hard, especially now that I’ve got a job, it’s at TrustFord, the car dealership company, I so enjoy working there.

2959845-2833411578-twitc https://www.twitch.tv/

As I mentioned I’ll be starting college soon so I’d really appreciate any advice from someone who’s been to college about the do’s and dont’s. I’m really worried about it all, I hope I can make some new friends. I hated school (for the most part) I wonder if college will be better for me, there seems to be more freedom. The subjects I’m considering taking are Graphics, Government and Politics, Philosophy and Psychology, but I’m looking forwards to Graphics the most because I will get to focus on my game art there, yay:) I’m very artsy and considered taking Art many times (I still might), and I think the reason that I haven’t, this is gonna sound stupid considering I want to be a game designer, is because I think that I’m not that good at drawing… Maybe I should take it so I can get better at it? I don’t know, i’m just worried incase i’m awful at game art as I have had no real experience with it. I did take Art in high school and my teacher said  was capable of getting an A*, but we’ll see once  get my results back. I really liked my art teacher, she was young and edgy and we had the same sense of humor, so we really got on, I’ll miss a lot of my teachers, they become like your second parents.

So today is a perfect example of why I need a hobby, I woke up at half 9, got up watched some YouTube and then sat down to write this blog (which I’m really enjoying it’s like therapy) but after this I’ll be slobbing around until around 3 then get ready to go laptop shopping with my dad, then pick my mum up from work, and then I’m going to Nando’s for my friend’s birthday. Usually my day isn’t as full as this which is why I’d have plenty time for a hobby.

I’ve just remembered my mum told me to clean up mine and my sister old room, great:(

Let me know what you think about the Twitch thing and suggest some games for me too play! How was your college experience, any tips? Also let me know what you want me to write about next!

Lots of love, Gracie x



4 thoughts on “What should I do!?

  1. College is so much better than high school! If you like sleeping in, just avoid 8 AM classes because you’ll never go to them. Take classes that are spread throughout the week and not just once a week even if it seems tempting. Trust me on this haha. And don’t worry about your art. The more you practice, the better you become. So if you enjoy it then try it! Art classes exist to help you and encourage you!


    1. Choosing the time on my own lessons sounds fab haha! Thankyou I feel better about it already hehe. And hopefully I’ll just have to take some time to practise and I’ll improve, it would be great if my teacher was supportive and explanatory. Thankyou for the help!☺️

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      1. oh yeah you get to pick the time haha! Don’t worry, I mean teachers become teachers to teach lol, so they’re good at being supportive no matter how much someone sucks at something. And most of em are way more chill than high school teachers so it makes it even easier 🙂 I’m 100% sure you’ll do fantastic

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      2. You’re right it’s just me worrying hehe:) And I’m so glad they’re more chilled, I went to the strictest school ever and I’m so done with being treated like i’m 5. And aww thankyou! I’ll try my best x

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