Round and feeling down..

For my age and size, I’m quite the chubby girl. And for someone who cares a lot about how they present themselves, it really upsets me. I eat all the rubbish the average teenager does but I seem to be 3 sizes bigger than everyone else. I know all it takes is to eat well and exercise but what can I eat, how often do I exorcise? I find it really hard to resist food, and I comfort eat a lot, which is such a bad habit, and it doesn’t help that my metabolism is awful. Every woman in my family is chubby, so maybe it’s in our genes. I’m so tired of being sad because I don’t fit into my old clothes, and I’m sick of having to wear jeans, a longsleeved shirt and a jacket everywhere I go to cover up my chunky body. Clearly I’m not healthy and I’m making bad decisions about what I eat. I just can’t seem to find the motivation to lose weight despite how bad I want to! I feel like my life it to heavily revolved around food. I’d really appreciate it if you would share with me any weight loss experiences you have had and how you managed it.

What doesn’t help is my stomach! I am convinced that I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, which other members of my family have) I won’t go into detail about the symptoms because I don’t want to gross you out but it means that I’m constantly bloated and that makes me look even bigger:( Tonight I am going to the doctors for the third time about my stomach because the last two times they have sent me away saying that there is nothing wrong with me, I know there is. I can’t enjoy anything without being in discomfort or in pain, it really gets me down and I think to myself, why bother trying to lose weight if i’m stIll going to be seriously bloated? Two weeks ago I had to go into A&E because my belly hurt that bad, it was a different kind of pain and a lot worse but was definitely connected. Maybe I’m intolerant to certain foods, whatever it is I’m going to get to the bottom of it…

Sorry, I’m just in a complaining sort of mood today.

Apart from this, tonight I plan to cook some tea for my family, jump into some pj’s and watch a film. There’s nothing i love more than a cosy night in:) I finished work a couple of hours so up until around 5 I’m probably going to have a go on the Wii Fit, it’s such a fun way to exorcise ! I highly recommend it. Please leave any suggestions on how to lose weight in the comments! I’d really appreciate it!

Hope you’re having a great day, Gracie x



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