My makeup routine:)

Today I thought I’do a step by step makeup look! Beauty is a huge passion of mine, so I will try my best to make this tutorial enjoyable:) Today I’ll be creating a look that I wear often that uses warm/light tones, it’s perfect for an everyday style but if you don’t like to wear makeup that often this would be great for a date or a day out with friends!

Step 1– I start of with my eyebrows and eyes, this is so I can make any corrections with a makeup wipe without ruining my foundation. I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to eyebrows, so it takes me a lot of time and patience when shaping them. First I brush my eyebrows. I try to follow my natural shape with my pencil then fill in 3 quarters of my eyebrow leaving the front portion untouched. Then with some eyebrow powder, I gently fill in the front, I do this to give my eyebrows a more natural and gradient look. I then take my small, flat foundation brush and apply foundation around my eyebrows and on my eyelids, this makes your brows look bold and flawless. By putting foundation on your eyelids, your eyeshadow will go on smoother in the next step.


FullSizeRender (1)


Step 2– To make the eyeshadow colours look more pigmented, use an eye primer. First I use a base eyeshadow that I put all over my eyelids, I’m using a pale pink shade so that my eyes look bigger. Next I take a light gold shade and put it in the crease of my eye and slightly above the crease from the inner corner to the centre of my eye. Then I take a dark brown shade and put it in the outer part of my eye’s crease and blend it upwards and towards the gold shade, I then apply the brown shade to the outer side of my eyelid and blend it into the middle with a blending brush. Now, eyeliner is no walk in the park, so just be slow and steady and remember, it’s only makeup. I start by taking my liquid eyeliner and making a small straight line from my water line pointing to the end of my eyebrow, this helps you to get the eyeliner equal on both sides. Then from almost the tip of the line I draw another line downwards making a triangular shape. Then I draw a thin line from the corner of my eye that gradually gets bigger and meet the triangle, I then fill it all in.




Step 3– Next I like to put some concealer on my spots and red marks and lightly blend iT in by dabbing it with my finger. I then usually would damp a beauty blender and apply my foundation but I couldn’t find my blender today:( so  I used my buffing foundation brush instead. I like to apply my foundation by moving the brush in circles because if you go over your pours twice in two different directions it hides them. Then on top I put a layer of powder, this gets rid of the greasy foundation feel and makes your makeup look smoother and last much longer!




Step 4– Now I apply my highlight and contour, I do this so that my face look more defined. First I take my highlighter and apply it from the apples of my cheeks up to the side of my eyebrow, then on the top of my nose, then in the centre of my forehead and finally on the bow of my lips, using a small brush. Then I suck in my cheeks and apply bronzer where my cheeks go inwards and also around the edge of my forehead and edge of my jaw, I do this in a circular motion to blend it out. Try to avoid putting toO much product on your brush it may go too dark!




Step 5– Now it’s back to the eyes:) I take my mascara and coat my lashes with one layer. Then I get out my false eyelashes and coat them with one layer of glue each, and after about 30 seconds I take one of them, apply another layer of glue and blow on them for about 10 seconds then place it carefully on my eye, I then repeat with the other. This can be quite fiddly I know… When that’s done, I put one coat of mascara on my bottom lashes.



Step 6– The last step is lips! Too make mine look bigger i line them with a darker colour then apply a lighter colour of lipstick all over my lips.



All done! Here’s the finished look:)




Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’m not the best at explaining but I hope the pictures helped:) Let me know how it goes if you decide to have a try!

Gracie x